Feminism and Iraq

Cathy Young’s latest Boston Globe column deals with feminism and Iraq. Here she quotes Tammy Bruce:

”The feminist establishment’s political game with women’s lives is particularly disgraceful as they, of all interest groups, have a special duty to support ridding the world of Saddam,” Bruce writes in a recent column. She recounts the horrific story, reported by Amnesty International, of a 25-year-old Iraqi woman known as ”Um Haydar.” The wife of a man suspected of illegal political activity, Um Haydar was beheaded in the street in front of her children and her mother-in-law (all of whom disappeared).

Addressing Gandy, Walker, and the other feminist antiwar protesters, Bruce writes, ”Think of Um’s children, her daughters, whom you have abandoned. . . . There are thousands of dead Iraqi women who know how you betray them, in the name of politics, in the name of hating George W. Bush, in the name of your own cynical political hypocrisy.”

There has been a lot of male-bashing coming from the pillars of the Old Feminist establishment over Iraq, which may signal the passing of the torch to a New Feminism based on love instead of hate.

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