All Jarvis, all the time

I saw Jeff Jarvis on CNBC’s Big Idea show last week with a pack of dogs going after Bernie Goldberg. Yesterday, on C-Span, I saw a speech Rupert Murdoch (God himself) gave to the American Society of Newspaper Editors where he quoted Jarvis:

They want to question, to probe, to offer a different angle. Think about how blogs and message boards revealed that Kryptonite bicycle locks were vulnerable to a Bic pen. Or the Swiftboat incident. Or the swift departure of Dan Rather from CBS. One commentator, Jeff Jarvis, puts it this way: give the people control of media, they will use it. Don’t give people control of media, and you will lose them.

And today I saw Jarvis on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

America has become Jarvis Culture, the rest of us are merely guests. Let us hope he uses his powers for good.

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