ABC News: Busted!

Check this video of ABC News reporter Dean Reynolds trying to solicit Bush-bashing from a (black) New Orleans resident and getting totally shut down.

This is media bias, pure and simple.

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2 Responses to ABC News: Busted!

  1. SFJ says:

    I guess the left-media’s attempt to trap someone into blasting the President didn’t work this time. If there was ever any question about media bias, this answered it. No wonder the “old” media (especially the big 3) are on the down-spiral. What a bunch of biased jackasses. I can’t watch network news at all anymore even with Jennings, Rather and Brokaw gone. Their replacements are a bunch of narcisstic talking heads and are no better. Goodbye network news, hello Internet information sources.

  2. slayer says:

    Years ago, when Walter Cronkite ruled the news, my dad refused to allow us to watch Walter.
    My dad said Walter was a communist, and you couldn’t trust anything he said.
    Those were pretty strong words in those days and they served me well…”you can’t trust anything a communist says.”
    From that day on, I’ve always had a skeptical view of network news…and decades later, I realize yet again…
    daddy knows best.

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