Little government worked

Big government certainly failed in New Orleans: the levees weren’t in good shape, the evacuation was a disaster, the Red Cross was not permitted to feed the hungry, and FEMA didn’t perform the miracle of driving upon water. But there were some little-heralded successes that have escaped the notice of our rioting media establishment:

Meanwhile the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, claimed 20,000 rescues by Sept. 8 at which point it suspended calls for more volunteers and boats. While it is unclear how many of these rescues took place in the critical time frame, the only mention of this staggering achievement came in the Sept. 8 press release. How many national reporters thought to call the Wildlife department, or even thought it was a go-to agency?

By the time these stories come out, will the people still be paying attention?

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  1. Ruth says:

    Actually, a lot of agencies with amphibious vehicles were requested to come in by the NO gov’t, even from Lake Texoma.

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