It’s a miracle

It turns out the dude the Guardian reported murdered before their very eyes is, uh, still alive:

Lu Banglie, the Chinese democracy activist who was savagely beaten at the weekend, has been found injured but alive.

They haven’t corrected their original story, of course.

Ht: Jody

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2 Responses to It’s a miracle

  1. Jody Tresidder says:

    The following – a restrained but heartfelt comment by a Chinese blogger called “Anti” translated by the brilliant EastSouthWestNorth blog [] – pretty much nails the deeply shoddy fallout from this mess. Indeed, let’s now all hold our breath for The Guardian’s explanation…
    “When Benjamin Joffe-Walt reported about happened to Lu Banglie, our immediate reaction was to believe him because we have believe in foreign media all along. We even started to prepare to donate money, voice support, sign petitions and make protests. But suddenly we were told that this was just a fantasy of Benjamin Joffe-Walt. You must realized what a major shift it is for us. Even though this does not destroy all of the trust by the civilian sector, it is for sure that the next time that The Guardian or any other foreign media reports on an exclusive about an incident, we cannot be naturally trusting.

    In order to guarantee this natural trust, we must criticize any exaggerated or false report, even if it may bring us good results.”

  2. Jody Tresidder says:

    FYI Richard,
    The Guardian promises to address the tricky question of how the allegedly semi-enucleated Lu Banglie subsequently rose from his “reported” near death in its readers’ column on October 17th.

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