Markey Hearing

C-Span has the feed, in Real format, check it out. I’ll have something to say later.

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3 Responses to Markey Hearing

  1. George Ou says:

    Why do they always choose real format? That’s the biggest piece of crapware/spyware in the world!

  2. It’s a little easier for Linux users to access than Windoze Media.

  3. Brett Glass says:

    RealPlayer is nasty stuff. It reports everything you’re viewing back to Real. It’s a shame that the alternative is Microsoft. (Maybe someone will develop a streaming CODEC for Flash?)

    In any event, the Markey hearing was a disappointment. Ben Scott of Free Press made yet another speech full of false statements and innuendoes — this after I’d spoken with him and he’d claimed that he and his group of 30-or-so lawyers and lobbyists were going to reconsider their stance.

    I guess that Scott, Lessig, and Ammori are too drunk from the publicity and too full of ego to recognize that they cannot lie forever.

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