Catching up

I’ve been too busy to blog lately, what with the conferences, a white paper I’m writing about protocols and regulation, a recalcitrant editor (at a local paper,) and a new gig blogging for IEEE Spectrum’s Tech Talk. My observations on networking and policy will be appearing there for the while.

The focus over here is going to be pure politics and pure technology, with a little bit of baseball.

We’re in a silly season for politics at the moment:

* Pro-lifers committing murder
* Intellectuals practicing tribal politics
* Critics of tribal politics complaining about pronunciation
* Morons playing with statistics

The funniest among these (please note, there’s nothing funny about murder) is the conspiracy theory about Hillary fans among the car dealers getting off the shutdown hook. It comes as no big surprise that the source of the rumor is Doug Ross, the big net neutrality booster who used to comment here as “Director Blue” until I shut him off. The common thread is conspiracy theory, the essential philosophical basis of American politics.

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7 Responses to Catching up

  1. George Ou says:

    I think in fairness, you should rephrase to “Pro-lifer committed murder”

  2. I never was convinced that Oswald acted alone.

  3. George Ou says:

    Before you go down the conspiracy theory road (which the American public has been saturated with), take a look at the 2004 documentary Most people who were previously looking for a conspiracy have been fairly convinced by that documentary that they’ve been fed a load of conspiracy lies.

  4. We believe the lies we want to believe.

  5. George Ou says:

    Whatever. I still recommend that documentary which pays special attention to the details and the facts based on hard evidence.

  6. Mumon says:

    And Iran is melting down.

  7. I’d sure like to know more about what’s really going on over there at the moment. Nate Silver debunked the notion that the election returns are necessarily fraudulent, and the WaPo says their pre-election polling was consistent with the election returns, but you don’t turn off the communication networks if you’ve got nothing to hide.

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