My New Job

Incidentally, I’ve started working for the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation in DC as of this week as a Research Fellow. I’ll be working on the issues that I’ve been working on as a consultant for the past few years: pro-innovation Internet regulation, the National Broadband Plan, and regulatory and policy considerations in the wireless networking space. I’m staying in Silicon Valley for the time being, but I will be making more regular visits to DC.

I like ITIF because their policy line is pragmatic and moderate: they appreciate the fact that sound regulatory policy makes good things happen, and don’t support or oppose any particular line on reflex.

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4 Responses to My New Job

  1. Richard —

    Well that appointment as ITIF Research Fellow deserves
    a prodigious ‘congratulations’! I see your staff bio at URL:

    Nice shirt — even looks like they caught you wearing a tie!

    Keep up the good work and public service, even if those
    benefiting might never be aware of who served for them.

    — Jim Rod.

  2. Doc Searls says:


    Nice gig! Hope it’s fun work. It’s going to be an interesting X years.

    – Doc

  3. @JRod: thanks for the kind words.

    @Doc: Indeed it is. This is like getting paid for my hobby, so I’m really looking forward to it.

  4. Brett Glass says:

    Good luck to you, Richard! Be sure to let me know if they ever need injections of reality from out here in the real world inside the “reality distortion field” of the Washington Beltway.

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