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Attention Conan O’Brien

Linux inventor Linus Torvalds has a new skit for you: “I think the OpenBSD crowd is a bunch of masturbating monkeys, in that they make such a big deal about concentrating on security to the point where they pretty much … Continue reading

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Another blow to HD-DVD

The HD-DVD defections continue, as porn kings follow Warner Brothers to embrace Blu-Ray: Porn label Digital Playground is to adopt Blu-ray exclusively despite initially choosing HD DVD. It has announced that it will be launching eight titles on the format … Continue reading

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Linux in trouble

Crazy Richard Stallman’s temper tantrum over GPLv3 threatens to split Linux into two warring camps. has the skinny: Despite that utopian anticapitalist bent, Linux and the “open-source” software movement have lured billions of dollars of investment from IBM, Hewlett-Packard, … Continue reading

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ABC’s “Path to 9/11”

The ABC miniseries “The Path to 9/11” that puts a lot of blame on Madeline Albright and Sandy Berger, but doesn’t make ole Condi look too good either. The Dems are all upset over it, but it doesn’t seem all … Continue reading

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Free Software Communists

I used to spend a lot of time in the Indian state of Kerala, so this article in Salon by Andrew Leonard caught my eye: Richard Stallman must be sleeping well this week. Eight years ago, I accompanied the free … Continue reading

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Apple goes Windows

This had to happen: Turning a decades-long rivalry on its head, Apple Computer introduced software today that it says will easily allow users to install Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system on Apple’s newest computers. The software, Boot Camp, is available … Continue reading

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Linux: A tale of woe

I’ve been using Linux on my desktop at work for years, and during that time I’ve maintained a doggy slow Linux box at home mainly for remote work on the desktop. So when I did my latest hardware upgrade of … Continue reading

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Burning Man brings Internet to New Orleans

Maybe those Burning Man people aren’t completely worthless after all: Now the group, known as Burners Without Borders, is using new Kyocera mobile hot-spot technology to create a wide-area-network in an area with little, if any, Internet access. Their shoestring … Continue reading

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Milton in the code

I found this in some code I was reading today: /* * Farewell, happy fields, * Where joy forever dwells; hail horrors! * * John Milton, Paradise Lost */ system_reset(); I work for a very literate company, apparently.

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Silicon Valley still sucks

No recovery in Silicon Valley so far: Employers in Santa Clara and San Benito counties added 200 jobs to their payrolls in August. But compared to a year ago, Silicon Valley has 2,400 fewer jobs, a decrease of 0.3 percent. … Continue reading

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