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Has the FCC Created a Stone Too Heavy for It to Lift?

After five years of bickering, the FCC passed an Open Internet Report & Order on a partisan 3-2 vote this week. The order is meant to guarantee that the Internet of the future will be just as free and open … Continue reading

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Speaking today in DC

This event will be webcast today: ITIF: Events ITIF Event: Designed for Change: End-to-End Arguments, Internet Innovation, and the Net Neutrality Debate Many advocates of strict net neutrality regulation argue that the Internet has always been a “dumb pipe” and … Continue reading

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New Broadband Czar

Trusted sources tell me Blair Levin is headed back to the FCC to be the Commissar of the People’s Glorious Five Year Plan for the Production of Bandwidth. He’d be a wonderful choice, of course, because he’s a bright and … Continue reading

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Finally, nominees for the FCC

Amy Schatz of the WSJ reports that a deal has been struck to move the new nominees into the FCC: Work has slowed to a crawl at the Federal Communications Commission, since President Barack Obama’s pick to be chairman, Julius … Continue reading

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FCC Comments due in National Broadband Plan

See IEEE Spectrum for a few observations on the FCC’s request for comments on the National Broadband Plan: Comments are due Monday, June 8, at the FCC on the National Broadband Plan (NBP.) The Notice of Inquiry lists some 120 … Continue reading

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Interlocking Directorates

The New York Times reports that regulators have an interest in the structure of the Apple and Google boards of directors: The Federal Trade Commission has begun an inquiry into whether the close ties between the boards of two of … Continue reading

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Google’s Sweet Book Deal

If you read books, you’ll want to know what Robert Darnton has to say about the pending Google book deal, in Google & the Future of Books – The New York Review of Books. Here’s a teaser: As an unintended … Continue reading

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At long last, Genachowski

The long-awaited nomination of Julius Genachowski to the FCC chair finally came to pass yesterday, raising questions about the delay. If everybody with an interest in telecom and Internet regulation knew he was the choice months ago, why did the … Continue reading

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Court protects the right to bluff

In a rare move, the DC Circuit has upheld an FCC decision The cable industry has won a big legal victory in the fiercely competitive phone services market. An appeals court has supported the Federal Communications Commission in its ruling … Continue reading

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Internet Myths

Among my missions in this life is the chore of explaining networking in general and the Internet in particular to policy makers and other citizens who don’t build network technology for a living. This is enjoyable because it combines so … Continue reading

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