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Damned if you do, screwed if you don’t

The FCC has finally noticed that reducing the Quality of Service of an Internet access service affects all the applications that use it, including VoIP. They’ve sent a harsh letter to Comcast seeking ammunition with which to pillory the cable … Continue reading

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Canadian regulators smarter than Americans

Canada’s Internet users have won a measure of victory over bandwidth hogs. In a ruling from the CRTC, Canada’s FCC, Bell Canada is permitted to continue managing network over-use: Bell Canada today won a largely clear victory in an anti-throttling … Continue reading

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Thirty Profiles

Dave Burstein of DSL Prime has posted profiles of 30 FCC candidates to his web site, including one transition team member: Susan Crawford, now teaching at Michigan, also has enormous respect from her peers and would bring international perspective from … Continue reading

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AT&T’s Dubious Behavior

You may not have noticed in the crush of events, but AT&T announced a new broadband service option last week, up to 18 Mb/s DSL: AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today announced it will launch AT&T U-verseSM High Speed Internet Max 18 … Continue reading

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No deal

Google has announced an end to its monopolistic advertising agreement with Yahoo!: However, after four months of review, including discussions of various possible changes to the agreement, it’s clear that government regulators and some advertisers continue to have concerns about … Continue reading

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The Trouble with White Spaces

Like several other engineers, I’m disturbed by the white spaces debate. The White Space Coalition, and its para-technical boosters, argue something like this: “The NAB is a tiger, therefore the White Spaces must be unlicensed.” And they go on to … Continue reading

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Glorified Piracy

Commenting in Spiked on the Lessig School of digital piracy enablement, Andrew Orlowski traces the odd course of progressive thought on creativity: In polite company, sympathy for copyright is in short supply, while for politicians, the ‘creative economy’ is little … Continue reading

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FCC fills empty job

Kevin Martin’s FCC has hired a new chief technologist, Jon Peha: Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin named John Peha chief technologist, the senior adviser post at the commission on technology issues, based out of the Office of Strategic Planning … Continue reading

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Secret laws are not law

While looking for the essence of Lessig’s “code is law” formulation, I happened on this little gem: If there is one thing clear about the value we demand of East Coast Code, it is transparency. Secret laws are not law. … Continue reading

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Comcast files their compliance plan

Today was the deadline for Comcast to tell the FCC how its existing congestion management system works, as well as how its “protocol agnostic” replacement is going to work. To the dismay of some critics, they’ve done just that in … Continue reading

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