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Time Warner Cable bides its time

Not surprisingly, Time Warner Cable has decided to put its consumption-based billing trials on hold: Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt said, “It is clear from the public response over the last two weeks that there is a … Continue reading

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Thinking about Caps

Time-Warner’s bandwidth metering plan continues to attract attention, in part because a couple of prominent tech journalists are taking an activist position against it: Nate Anderson is unabashedly opposed to most revenue-enhancing plans that come from ISPs and carriers, and … Continue reading

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See you in Washington

I’ve been asked to join a panel at the Congressional Internet Caucus’ short conference on the State of the Mobile Net on April 23rd. I’ll be on the last panel: What Policy Framework Will Further Enable Innovation on the Mobile … Continue reading

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Verizon’s Vision of the Internet

Despite the fact that I’ve been trying to explain why companies like Time Warner need to impose broadband usage caps on their systems before going to the capital markets for assistance in beefing up their innards, I’m not a fan … Continue reading

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Pitchforks in Austin: Time-Warner’s Bandwidth Cap

The fledgling high-tech community in the smokey little hipster ghetto called Austin is apoplectic about Time Warner’s announcement that it’s testing bandwidth caps in central Texas: When it comes to trialing its metered broadband service, Time Warner Cable’s choice to … Continue reading

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eComm Spectrum 2.0 Panel Video

Here’s the licensing panel from eComm live and in color. Seeing yourself on TV is weird; my immediate reaction is to fast for about a month. On a related note, see Saul Hansell’s musings on spectrum. The issue I wanted … Continue reading

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eComm Spectrum 2.0 Panel Transcript

Here’s a rough transcript of the Spectrum 2.0 – Exploring the Roots of Wireless Spectrum Controversy panel discussion from eComm 2009. Enjoy.

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Obama’s Missed Opportunity

According to National Journal, Susan Crawford is joining the Obama administration in a significant new role: Internet law expert Susan Crawford has joined President Barack Obama’s lineup of tech policy experts at the White House, according to several sources. She … Continue reading

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Shutting down the Internet

The Internet is dying, according to advocacy group Free Press. The organization has published a report, Deep Packet Inspection: The End of the Internet as We Know It? that claims technology has evolved to the point that Internet carriers can … Continue reading

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Congrats to Harold Feld

DC wonks are by now aware that Harold Feld has left MAP and joined Public Knowledge as Legal Director. While there’s no doubt that Harold is a card-carrying communist, he’s my favorite pinko so I’m glad to see he’s secured … Continue reading

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