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Twenty Questions for the FCC

The FCC’s pending ruling against Internet Service Providers who manage their bandwidth in favor of fair access raises some questions. Here’s a list of questions rural ISP operator Brett Glass has raised.

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Liveblogging FCC hearing in Pittsburgh

Here’s the video link. (Didn’t hear Congressman Doyle, Martin, or Copps.) Adelstein: (Misstates findings of Pew study on broadband adoption. Price is not really the issue, lack of interest is.) Complains about smackdown by the Third Circuit. Tate: Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Pew Study: Broadband is Healthy

The Pew Internet and American Life Project released their latest report on broadband in America today, and it looks pretty rosy. Pew makes a great deal out of the fact that broadband use isn’t rising among America’s poor, but that’s … Continue reading

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