One thought on “How Republican am I?”

  1. I’ll assume for the moment that the author is not joking. If you click all the last answers, you get a nice pic of Mother Teresa, suitable for framing.

    Of course, assuming again that the author is serious, this points out that many people who call themselves liberal are stupid. Two MTBs and a vacation in CO are worth, say, $1000 (assuming low-end-but-real MTBs). While if they took the “Whichever one costs the most.” choice, they could sell it, get the MTBs and the vacation on their own, and still have enough to tithe.

    If someone asked me for $2 for a slice of pizza, I might point out that those ramen things are eight for a buck at the 99 cents store. However, I might “Take her to lunch with you, make a real offer to help and let her sleep on your couch for a while.” under certain quid pro quo circumstances. Naw, just joking.

    As for the restaurant, won’t giving them a nice tip encourage similar behavior? Wouldn’t it be better to vote with your wallet and/or post a review to your blog?

    As for becoming a Save the Whales activist, I don’t want Linda Blair’s bad luck to rub off on me.

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